Thursday, May 19, 2011

Take a walk with me through my Spring Garden

Take a walk with me around my yard this morning.

We have had a very rainy, chilly, and kinda gray Spring this year but the garden has loved the weather.

LUSH is the best word for how the world looks this morning.

We can enter the garden

by walking on a gravel path

into the Meditation Garden

The rain has made this garden really lush.

. . . and abundant with Solomon Seals

St. Frances of the Herb Garden

One of the best additions to the garden has been

a front and back porch Pergola

The new front porch Pergola provides a great space

for hanging plants, windchimes

and bird feeders

The back deck Pergola is

by the Kitchen Garden

The back deck Pergola overlooks the quiet backyard.

A perfect place for a glass of tea and a good book.
We actually did have a few days when I could create

the Freshly Painted Garden Shed

Tucked behind the shed is a

little Fairy Garden

And finally the most recent addition to the yard is a Bottle Tree

The metal frame for this tree was purchased from the Secret Garden in Waynesville, Ohio The colorful bottles are from North Carolina,

Virginia and Ohio

The flowers in the following post

were taken on some of the few days

we actually has SUN this Spring.

Have a great day,