Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter Art Inspired by the Snow

Snow on the Dogwood tree became the inspiration for this art quilt. A photo transfer technique was used to create the center of the design. The branches were embellished in satin ribbon. The outer part of the quilt was created with Batik fabric in a simple patchwork design.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Studio Cat as ART

Daisy has been a muse for several works of art. She was the motivation for the kitty in the pink dress seen in this photo. She is also pictured with her friends made by several artists in a workshop at Artistic Figures in Cloth.

Studio Cat

Today I would like to introduce you to my studio partner. Daisy May joined my little family after I rescued her from near death. At just a few weeks old, Daisy was shot thru the front leg. My daughter found Daisy in her garden and the cat was seriously wounded. A wonderful vet put Daisy back together and she has enjoyed a life in my studio for almost two years.

You will see here photos of Daisy the week I brought her home as a kitten, how here leg looks today and a photo of her obvious enjoyment of our studio space.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Pink and Green Mermaid

The Magic is in the Hair

Mermaids have become a fantastic surface to experiment with beading techniques. They provide a unique opportunity to not worry about what an image really looks like. Who knows what a mermaid looks like - can she be pink and green?

Why I create what I create

What does it mean to me “to embellish my art”?
A definition might be
- to make more beautiful with ornamentation
- to increase attractiveness with decoration and fanciful details
To me beads and embellishments are about a deeper meaning. Embellishing an art quilt or cloth figure captures my attention, my “spirit" and brings joy to the creative process.
The glitz and glitter of beads and sequins add joy to my work. My work sparkles with JOY and reflects the delight I feel in life.
My desire is that the viewer will not just see the work but feel the joy.
That is why I sign my work
Enjoy, Robbie