Sunday, June 16, 2013

Part Two of the Lace Mermaid Construction

The mermaid is now covered in various kinds of lace.
Paper flowers were added for details as well as 
lace fish and plastic starfish.
The next step will be to coat her
In a pearl colored glossy paint.
That will happen this evening while watching movies!

CREATIVE FESTIVAL at the Sharonville Convention Center

A few photos from a fun weekend with
Rivercity Figurative Artists Guild 
at the Creative Festival.
We displayed a few dolls and 
My "Katie and the Coneflower Quilt,
Had fun teaching Make and Take Pin Flower Pins
And enjoyed sharing our work and the Guild
With lots of folks.
Me with the Granddaughter Katie's quilt

Our display
And teaching the make and take

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

A Blank Canvas

After five months of working on a new kitchen, I am ready to start two new projects: a Shrine and a Mermaid.
Here they are each as a blank canvas.
 The Shrine will be covered in quilted fabric and will carry features that express my Authentic Self:  figures, beads, embellishments, buttons and on and on.

 The Mermaid will be kept all white and will be covered in lace and buttons, beads and white shells.   I hope you will follow the progress of both of these works!

A Lengthy Creative Project

It has been a wonderful creative adventure, but I am ready to say IT IS DONE!  For the past five months I have not written in my Blog or done much creative art work.  My time and most of my resources have gone into a new kitchen space.  I've been very hands on, taking down walls and paneling, painting AND SHOPPING!

The new backsplash was the last to be added.

And here it is.       A NEW SPACE