Monday, March 14, 2011

A Colorful Childhood

I would like for you to meet
Just for fun I've been playing with pieced fabrics, ribbons
and felted buttons.
The weather has gone back to gray/cloudy/cold and dull -

so I thought I would introduce some color into the studio.

This doll is about 20" long and 12" high.

She is created from the most colorful fabrics in my stash,

pieced together to form fabric for the body parts and clothing.

I created a pattern from freezer paper and constructed the figure.

Originally she was going to be reading a book,

but at this time of the year a flower seemed to be called for.

She has no name, but she is having having a very
Colorful Childhood!

A view from the side, with no formal photography here,
just hanging out in the studio.